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July 29, 2008 at 8:18 pm 11 comments

Blanched beans

Let the bean recipe parade continue!  Thanks to some great suggestions by you lovely readers, I’ve jumped out of my tattered box of typical green bean preparations to embrace some interesting uses for these crisp linear vegetables.  I feel enlightened!  And well-fed! 

Three Bean Salad Served

Today’s recipe is a good bit healthier than my crazy beer-battered string beans.  And, truth be told, it’s not terribly creative as I’m sure you’ve all had some form of Three Bean Salad at a family reunion or other summer potluck dinner.  However, after perusing many a recipe for this dish, I feel fairly confident that mine is the only one that actually uses just three kinds of beans!  Most have at least five, some even had more!  It got me thinking.  Why the heck are they all called three bean salads then?   Do tell if you know!

The three beans

I chose to stick with just three types of beans in my salad because I wanted to use up as many green beans as possible.  That and I consider myself to be an honest recipe writer.  Using so many fresh beans kept this salad’s flavor summery and light. 

fresh pepper

This salad was actually made over the weekend.  I waited to post it because I wanted to test out the notion that numeric bean salads always taste better after a few days in the fridge.  Having just had a bowl here for dinner on Tuesday evening, I can safely say I concur!  That being said, I liked mine just fine right after I made it too.


You might notice I call for a dash of rose water in the recipe.  I was looking for a faint floral note when I put it in the salad.  The day I made the salad, I found it just a tad over powering of the other flavors.  Today though, it’s the perfect accent now that tangy, sweet, salty, and floral have all decided to hold hands and play nicely together.

Speaking of perfect, next time I’ll tell you about the green bean risotto I made last night… divine!



True Three Bean Salad
Loosely based off a combination of recipes

2 C. chopped fresh green beans
1 (15 ounce) can garbanzo beans, drained
1 (15 ounce) can white or red kidney beans, drained
1 small red onion, diced
1 small green bell pepper, diced
1/4 C. red wine vinegar
1/4 C. white sugar
1/4 C. vegetable oil
1/4 t. rose water (optional)
1/4 t. ground dry mustard
1/4 t. dried marjoram
1/2 t. dried or fresh cilantro
salt and pepper to taste

Bring a large pot of salted water up to a boil.  Add the fresh green beans and cook for five minutes.  Drain and rinse in cold water.  Drain again.         

In a large bowl, combine all three beans, onion and green pepper. Set aside.

In a small bowl, mix the vinegar, sugar, oil, mustard, marjoram and cilantro.  Pour over bean mixture. Stir until all ingredients are coated. Let the salad marinate in the refrigerator for at least a few hours, stirring occasionally.   Serve chilled or at room temperature.

(serves 6)

Three Bean Salad

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  • 1. [eatingclub] vancouver || js  |  July 30, 2008 at 10:22 pm

    Lovely, just lovely.

  • 2. ApK  |  July 31, 2008 at 12:10 pm

    Green beans are very popular in our household, but I have been getting bored of the usual recipes – this looks like a very fresh and tasty change of pace! (And I am breathlessly awaiting your green bean risotto post – creamy risotto, fresh green beans – two beloved meal elements in one? Do tell!)

  • 3. coffeepot  |  July 31, 2008 at 1:18 pm

    Looks good and a green bean risotto sound like something I would love to hear more on.

  • 4. Joanna  |  July 31, 2008 at 10:41 pm

    …My market managing duties have expanded this year, and I haven’t been at Weaver’s Way every Thursday this summer. But I visited today (in a major trip to the Coop to restock some household items that didn’t make the move further west with me) — and stopped by the farm’s stand. I bought one of your cookbooks! 🙂 I haven’t looked through it yet (I enticed friends over here tonight with the Sorbet Swirl watermelon I also bought), but I’m excited. Your recipes are always tasty and manageable. (And while I’m using parentheses like mad, I think I forgot to leave a comment saying that I made your chicken/zuke/sorrel/goat cheese pasta salad for the friends who helped me move, and it was the perfect thing!)

  • 5. Enna  |  August 3, 2008 at 12:52 pm

    Looks yummy!

  • 6. solsticekennels  |  August 31, 2008 at 6:58 pm

    Thanks for inspiration, I was looking for a bean salad and yours sounds yummy.

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  • 8. Kimberly  |  January 10, 2009 at 8:29 am

    This looks great! I hated three been salad the when I was growing up – canned veggies and bottled Italian dressing is how I remember it and I didn’t like green beans. While my mom gardened, we never ate green beans that had not been cooked until they were army green and I hated them. I was out in NY visiting a friend and she ordered Chicken and Stringbeans from a take away Chinese place and I fell in love with the beans and could not believe these were the same beans I had held my breath, refused to chew and swallowed with a gulp of water like a pill. I have since figured out that a lot of the veggies I could stand as a child – I love raw or cooked until they are just al dente. One of my favorite dishes now is fresh green beans stir fried with sesame oil and soy sauce – I will eat an entire skillet of it. Who’d a thunk? 🙂

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  • 10.  |  July 31, 2013 at 10:45 am

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    sites really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back in the future. Cheers

  • 11. J  |  May 5, 2020 at 9:41 pm

    I know this recipe is old and I’m not even sure if this blog is active, but can I say that I LOVE this salad and everyone I ever serve it to also loves it? Thank you for many years of delicious picnics and potlocks.


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