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Hi there!   My name’s Jennie.  I was lucky enough to live just a couple blocks over from a great urban farm in Philadelphia that started me on what’s become an incredible journey in sustainable food and growing choices.   I began volunteering at Weavers Way Farm and quickly morphed into something more along the lines of a groupie.  I later became the farm’s volunteer marketing coordinator and cut flower producer.

I spent literally hundreds of hours working on Weavers Way Farm and fell so much in love with the urban agriculture scene that I decided to make a drastic career change.   After a decade as a marketing and corporate communications manager, I worked and studied my way through a professional horticulture diploma program at Longwood GardensI’ve also been working a bit as a freelance writer and photographer (portfolio available here).  

The pace of this blog has slowed down since I started my own urban farm in 2009.  I now grow amazing flowers, herbs and other plants for fresh bouquets that I sell through farmers markets, local co-ops and weddings.  Unfortunately, since I now spend much of my creative energy on floral design work, I don’t get my engines revved up quite so much for food and blogging.  Still, the recipe index here is rich with ideas and there will be occasional new ones added as time and energy permit. 

The best part about farming/gardening and being so involved in the “eat local” scene?  The people!  I’ve met an amazing crowd of highly energized and intellectual eaters and growers through this incredibly gratifying work.  I love using all the fresh seasonal harvests from local producers and my own garden in what I like to refer to as “meatless cooking”.  Many of you came to this site seeking vegetarian recipes, which is exactly what you will find.  However, I never set out to to create a vegetarian site.  Rather, I personally enjoy recipes that focus on fresh vegetables and not meat. 

And now you know how this locally-grown, vegetable-centric blog was born and continues to thrive.  I’m so glad you stopped by so I could share with you my love of urban agriculture, gardening, locally harvested (i.e., FRESH!) produce, and creative cooking in a tiny (we’ve moved!) well-appointed Mt. Airy kitchen.  Let’s feast on fresh together! 

“…She had that brand of pragmatism that would find her
the first brewing tea after Armageddon.”
Weaveworld by Clive Barker 

Lil' jennie makes chips 

That’s me, about 8 years old, frying up homemade potato chips in my PJs.

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