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Toppling Assumptions

Little Fingers Eggplants

Mmmm… I’ve been having one of those relaxed mornings where I’m puttering around and yet somehow still accomplishing things.  It’s nice.  But now that I’ve finally pulled up the blog to get another post written, I’m finding myself drifting off in daydreams, mostly about what it would be like to grow white tea in some remote Asian mountain.  It’s probably because I just finished the last cup from my stash of organic white peony white tea, and I’m really desperate for more. 

Sweet local onion

But enough about daydreams and tea – it’s time to get down to the business at  hand, which is, to be more precise, Eggplant Meatballs.  This recipe is another homerun from the Totally Vegetarian cookbook I told you about the other day.  I’m usually skeptical of vegetarian “meatballs” since they tend to be either crumbly and dry or soggy and dense, and they almost always lack any unique flavor.  But since I had several dozen eggplants I’d just brought in from my garden and didn’t have any particular plans for them, I decided this version of the vegetarian meatball was worth a shot.

Eggplant meatball

Well, I stand corrected in my assumptions about vegetarian meatballs, at least in this instance.  These were superb!  I might even go so far as to describe them as succulent.   The texture was just right; not overly dense and not at all crumbly.  These little balls of eggplant were perfectly moist, tender and very flavorful.  Drizzled with a little roasted red pepper sauce, which I’ll get you the recipe for next time, they stood up on their own as a delicious dinner entree.  Even D liked them, and he’s a tough sell sometimes. 



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