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Grilled Fresh Figs

Figs on a plate

Simple is best…fresh is best…simple is best…fresh is best…

That’s it, folks.  That’s my mantra.  The words by which I strive to live.  “Simple” and “fresh” seem easy enough words to wrap your head around, don’t they?  Why is it then that I find myself wandering around the grocery store aisles, making futile grasps for bags of preprocessed junk.  I don’t normally let myself buy any of it (thus the futile grasping), but I most certainly crave it to the point of distraction.  How many of you feel the same way?  I hope I’m not alone. 

Threading fig onto rosemary sprig

Some people have a sweet tooth.  Some have a salty tooth.  And still others have a savory tooth.  Then there’s me.  I have all three!  And guess what?  I found a way to satisfy all my teeth at once with a dish that is simple and fresh!  In fact, it’s ridiculously simple. 

Figs on the grill

Make a little marinade with items you probably already have on hand and brush it around some fresh figs strung on fresh rosemary branches.  Toss it all on a hot grill pan for a few heavenly moments where you stand over it and suck in all the air you can through your nose so you can get every last molecule of fragrance wafting off it.  Mmmmmm…Rosemary Grilled Figs (served with goat cheese, I might add).

Grilled figs with goat cheese

Oh, I wish I could take credit for the genius behind this one.  I really do.  But it was the ancient Greeks, via the New York Times, that brought about this tasty dish.  The aroma of the rosemary is really imparted to the figs.  They become soft as they grill, and it’s so much fun to pop them off into your mouth, bite down on them, and have the sweetness of the juice and lingering marinade dribble onto your tongue.  Grilled figs prove simple and fresh really is best. And I don’t miss the preprocessed junk a bit!


November 13, 2008 at 7:32 pm 8 comments

dark chocolate rosemary ice cream

Dark Chocolate Rosemary Ice Cream

I wasn’t planning on putting up a post today.  The agenda’s a little cramped as it is.  But I couldn’t keep this recipe under my hat.  It’s just too amazingly – perhaps even surprisingly – delicious to hold back until there’s more free time for blogging. 


Dark Chocolate.  Rosemary.  Ice Cream.  
I’ll let you digest that combination for a minute.
Think about it.

Dark chocolate square

I know.  I know.  You’re scrunching up your forehead, trying to decide if that’s the best or the worst idea for an ice cream flavor you’ve ever heard.   I wasn’t so sure myself at the outset.  I had been planning on just plain old run-of-the-mill rosemary ice cream but got to thinking about a conversation I had recently with my dad.  He, being an old pro at homemade ice cream, believes that chocolate based ice creams are by far creamier and longer lasting in the freezer.   Oddly enough, I’d never made a chocolate ice cream on my own and was curious to test his theory.  


I thought I might be crazy though to pair chocolate and rosemary so I google the two and saw a recipe on Godiva for a rosemary and chocolate mousse.   I knew the best chocolate makers in the world couldn’t be off their rockers so I went ahead with my plan for Dark Chocolate Rosemary Ice Cream.


September 30, 2008 at 9:10 am 34 comments

A Vanilla Rose


I bet you and your friends have a few summertime traditions.  Maybe an annual girls or guys day at the beach?  An annual 4th of July BBQ?  Maybe even a camping trip?  A group of my friends, who have long scattered across several state lines and life stages (singles, newly weds, divorcees, and new parents are all among them), come together once a year on a Saturday in June to sit under the same tree in a big back yard, drink a lot of beer, play horseshoes and pretend for a little while that we’re still carefree and 20. 

Doesn't it look so refreshing

Quite frankly though, I’ve outgrown what little taste I had for a keg of lager beer.   So, this year I decided I’d try a taking along the ingredients for a cocktail.  While I do like some traditions, I’m always on the hunt for a brand spankin’ new culinary concoction, drinks recipes being no exception.   Plus, like any reunion attendee who’s honest with him or herself, I wanted to bring something funky and interesting to boost my “cool” factor.


June 30, 2008 at 4:29 pm 6 comments

Week 2 of Bread: Rosemary Olive

Rosemary rests on crust of loaf 

Two weeks of non-stop bread recipes.  Aren’t you people satisfied yet?!  I actually now have five more bread recipes waiting in the wings for a third week.  Won’t somebody please save me from myself?!  We will be taking a brief intermission from bread next week though as I have an original recipe for a Valentine’s Day treat that’s not bread-based.  Since I like to keep my bread weeks pure, a change in theme is necessary. 

Enough with the administrative mumbo-jumbo.  Let’s talk about this sumptuous loaf of Rosemary Olive Oil Potato Bread.  All the bread I’ve been baking lately has been superb, but there have been two clear front-runners.  Last week it was the pita.  This week it’s this rosemary loaf. 

Rosemary Olive Oil Potato Bread
I entered this photo in and WON the Click – Flour photo event.

Let’s rewind a bit to a few weekends past when I was having a much-needed girls’ day out with my friend, Christine, during which we talked about men, work, aspirations, and, of course, food.  She was currently in love with a loaf of rosemary olive oil bread she bought from Willow Creek Orchards that was actually made by Metropolitan Bakery here in Philadelphia.  Knowing I own a copy of their recipe book, she asked me to look to see if it was listed so she, being the industrious homemaker she is, could make this bread herself.   When I got home, I obliged and did indeed find a recipe for a rosemary bread.

Rosemary  Rosemary in graphite finishRosemary in stark black and white Rosemary in colored pencil filter
Getting a little artsy with my rosemary shots…

However, it seemed unnecessarily complicated, so much so that I, bread baking addict that I am, was put off by the idea of making it according to their specifications.  What did I do?  Naturally, I went hunting for a more straightforward recipe that might yield the same crusty aromatic results.  All the recipes I found kept coming up short though.  There were plenty with rosemary, but they didn’t include olive oil.  And then there were plenty with olive oil, but those didn’t include rosemary nor did they seem to have the heft of an artisan bread.  Finally, a little stumped, I thought I’d look through my baking books for a picture of a loaf that at least looked like the one I’d seen in the Metropolitan Bakery’s book.  I found two potato breads that seemed to be a rough match. 

Artsy potato shot
The potatoes wanted their own glamor shot…

I like potato breads – they’ve got heft and they’d be a nice palette for the rosemary.  The olive oil was still the sticking point though.  I didn’t want to end up with an overly wet dough that would require too much flour and end up heavy as a brick.  After all, there’s “heft” and then there’s “don’t drop that or you’ll crack the floor”.  I spent a good two days mulling it over before I hit the ticket:  roast (vs. boiling) the potatoes so they’re dry and then use the olive oil as the moisture needed to mash them up. 

Funky yeast close up shot
Okay, so now the yeast wants a glamor shot too!

It worked like a charm!  Besides producing a tasty artisan loaf, the smell…oh the smell…of this bread baking is like no other.  The olive oil in the slices makes them the perfect choice for grilled sandwiches since it turns golden brown and crisp.  The rosemary asserts its fragrance no matter how you serve it.  It’s just a wonderful loaf of bread in every way. 

Chopped rosemary in flour

There’s one test to be passed yet though.  I anxiously await Christine’s verdict so I know if it rivals that made by the Metropolitan Bakery.  Fingers crossed!


February 8, 2008 at 10:51 am 32 comments

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